From our Blue Crush Monetization System to our many innovative divisions…Ubiquitech Software Corporation is unlike any other marketing company in the world today!  

Ubiquitech Software through our main division Blue Crush Marketing Group LLC is an incredibly dynamic, multi-media, multi-faceted and cutting-edge corporation utilizing highly effective state-of-the-art global Internet marketing to drive sales to our growing divisions. In addition, we implement our proprietary “Blue Crush Monetization System” to instantly create profitable traffic to our divisions…Making BCMG an extraordinarily unique and trend setting marketing group with unlimited world-wide growth potential.

What we do…

  • Developers of the Blue Crush Monetization System.

  • Specialize in new multi-billion dollar global ventures.

  • Create incredible new marketing concepts to reach, and create sales, from around the world.

  • Acquire existing and emerging Internet companies and transform their sales for exponential growth of our company.

  • Stay at the forefront of the newest technologies and emerging industries.

  • Use our technology and talents to grow our divisions in new and exciting multi-billion dollar industries… Like CPA (Cost per action), and dynamic new advertising platforms for newly emerging industries and frontiers.

Ubiquitech Software Corporation is unlike any other marketing company in the world in that we specialize in growing our own in-house divisions and are constantly looking to acquire new divisions in the most popular and profitable industries!

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